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Liora [userpic]


September 3rd, 2008 (07:43 pm)

Summer and its joy lure us outside
For weeks we play, adventure, discover, burn and lose sleep
Then launder our fleece, cotton, and nylon 
in remote locations, amongst strangers

Sweet campground shower, an ode to thee, quarters in hand

The first step shocks like the first plunge into the sea
Heat washes with hard fingers on unfamiliar places
Sweat and dirt and salt and mosquito spray
Campfire and cedar and salmon and wildflowers
Windburn and sunburn and sand and scratches
Brine and bog and grove and meadow

Sore muscles, tired eyes, blisters and calluses
Fade into a glow that’s squeaky and godly and sleepy

Now for a quiet beer in a foreign pub
Warm friends, hot pizza,
And the cold stars to steer home, 
by and by, Alki