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Liora [userpic]

In my life

March 14th, 2009 (08:27 pm)


Things I would like to do in my life.

   Own a house

Kayak in New Zealand

Hike the Cliffs of Dover

Make a good cheese

Land a career position

Make a fire without matches

x Sail a boat solo

x Marry a man I love

Make a thimbleberry pie

x Grow a wonderful garden

Learn to swim

x Have friends of all ages

Raise a child

Write a book

Make wine

Make life-long friends

Join a book club

Learn another language, and use it

Paint a mural

Make a tile mosaic

Climb a tree taller than 15 feet

Camp by kayak in the San Juan’s

Skip a stone more than 3 times

See a Pacific Giant Salamander

Tour the Smithsonian

Make a difference in a community

Finish a Master’s degree

Learn a stringed instrument

x Teach people about nature

Earn smile wrinkles

x Knit a hat

Go completely organic

Have no need of a car

See Sequoia National Park

Hike the Grand Canyon

Join a session in an Irish pub

Participate in politics

Find a cluster of ripe honeycap mushrooms

See an opera in Vienna

Eat chocolate in Belgium

View the stars in the Southern Hemisphere

Camp, sans car, for more than 10 days

x Bike the Appian Way

Ice skate

x Sell something at a farmer’s market

Participate in a masked ball

Learn more than one song on the piano

x Fix my own car

Build a piece of furniture

Write a song

Leave behind something good, and lasting